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If your eyesight is at risk, you need emergency eye care in Laurel, MD. An eye emergency requires immediate, professional treatment from a reputable and experienced eye clinic like Jeffrey Y.H. Chung, M.D. Emergency vision care just might prevent permanent vision loss, so do not hesitate to contact our clinic 24 hours a day if you believe you or someone else is experiencing an eye emergency.

What constitutes an eye emergency? There are several categories of emergency that require immediate or timely treatment, including:

• Loss of Vision—Even if your vision loss is not accompanied by pain, contact our eye care center immediately.

• Torn or Cut Eyelid—Apply gentle pressure on the eyelid with a clean, dry cloth, rinse the area with water, and apply a clean bandage. A cold compress will reduce pain and swelling in the time it takes you to reach our eye doctors.

• Scratched Eye—If damage has occurred to your eyeball, do not apply pressure. Call our emergency eye care hotline immediately.

• Protruding Eye—If your eye or someone else’s is bulging, it a serious symptom and requires immediate attention.

• Chemicals in the Eye—If chemicals come in contact with your eye, flush the eye immediately with cool water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention.

While we all experience an eyelash or bit of debris in the eye from time to time, if a foreign object is affecting your vision or ability to open your eye, you may require urgent care. If the object is large, do not attempt to remove it.

As a general rule, if you are not sure if what you are experiencing is a serious threat to your vision, it is best to call and speak with an eye doctor from our team.

Call our emergency eye care line at Jeffrey Y.H. Chung, M.D. in Laurel, MD immediately!

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